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  • Mobilus Labs is a wearable hands free, ear free voice platform enabling teams of any size, to connect at any distance, from any environment.


    With it’s wearable software/hardware solution, Mobilus brings voice communications in industrial applications into the digital age using cutting age innovations in bone conduction technology, voice recognition, and digital signal processing.

Bone Conduction Technology

Mobilus’ 2-way bone conduction technology allows it to receive and transmit your voice through micro-vibrations on the surface of your head.

Voice Isolation

Multiple bone conduction microphones and real-time signal processing enables Mobilus to capture and isolate your voice even in the noisiest environments.

Hands Free Voice Interface

Drop the push-to-talk button.  Mobilus is always available and ready to connect through a voice first interface – “Mobilus … connect to Mark.”

Health & Safety Wearable

Mobilus “out of the ear” design is compatible with most standard safety helmets and ear protection equipment for uncompromised Health & Safety.

Online & Offline Connectivity

Mutli-Network switching enables Mobilus to balance “online” connectivity using WiFi or 4G data networks with “offline” local mesh networks and UHF radio.

Voice Groups

Create, manage, and connect with your team using voice groups of any size.

Encrypted Channels

Use end-to-end encrypted voice channels for advanced security compared to standard handheld radios.

Voice Device API

Enable connected devices to send and receive real-time voice notifications directly to any Mobilus device.  “You have now entered Exclusion Zone 3.  Please be reminded to … ”

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